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Seeing Red - Saltwater Sportsman Magaine

Check out the article I did with Saltwater Sportsman magazine, Seeing Red - Sightfishing for Reds in Mosquito Lagoon published in December 2013. We spent the day sight casting redfish on lures in the north end of Mosquito Lagoon. Several redfish were caught and made famous with photos. There is also a short video of our boat ride.

King of the Beach - Florida Sportsman Magazine (August 2011)

Read the August 2011 issue of Florida Sportsman magazine, page 34-38, to learn strategies and techniques from Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon for fishing beachside tarpon on a flats boat off Florida's Space Coast. Outdoors writer, Larry Kinder, wrote feature article after spending the day with Capt. Nate out of Ponce Inlet targeting migrating adult tarpon during the annual summer/fall bait run. You can read the article online, KING of the Beach

Chills Provide Sight Fishing Challenges - Miami Herald

Capt. Nathaniel recently hosted Sue Cocking, a writer for the Miami Herald, for a day of fishing in Mosquito Lagoon and the New Smyrna Beach backwaters. She published an article about their day on the water together that appeared in the January 6, 2011 issue of the newspaper. Read it to learn strategies and techniques for battling cold water to have success catching redfish and speckled trout. Chills Provide Sight Fishing Challenges

Of Spottails and Space Shuttles -

With the goal of writing about the famous trophy-sized bull redfish that inhabit the Mosquito Lagoon, outdoors writer Jan Maizler and Keys fishing guide Capt. Ken Collette travelled in August 2009 to spend a day with Capt. Lemmon and accomplish the task. The group successfully landed several redfish, speckled trout, and chased some 40-100lb tarpon moving through the lagoon. The story was published on

Moving Targets - Florida Sportsman Magazine (October 2009)

Learn in-depth strategies and techniques from Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon for fall transition fishing in Mosquito Lagoon by checking out the October 2009 issue, page 42, of Florida Sportsman magazine. Outdoors writer, Larry Kinder, wrote a 4-page feature article after spending the day with Capt. Nate in the Mosquito Lagoon and the New Smyrna Beach backwaters targeting redfish, trophy sized speckled trout, and snook. You can also read the article online Moving Targets

Fishing Under Pressure - Redfish Nation Magazine

Capt Nathaniel was spotlighted in Redfish Nation (ESPN's Redfish Cup member magazine) about fishing heavily pressured redfish areas (Fall 2008(Vol 17). Capt. Lemmon was quoted along with a few of the top redfish pro's from the Southeast US.

Tarpon Temptation - Daytona Beach News-Journal

Jordan Khan, outdoors writer for the Daytona Beach News-Journal, recently wrote an article about Capt Nathaniel Lemmon and tarpon fishing in the local area. It appeared as a feature piece in the Outdoors Section on August 7, 2008. They had shots at 50+ fish from 20-100lbs, and had a 60-80lb fish spit the hook before being photo'd.

Florida Sportsman Magazine - April 2007

Capt. Nate's 6-year-old son made his print debut with his own personal best trout to date! He scored his trophy using an artificial shrimp on an late spring day, landing his trophy 7lb "gator" trout. A future superstar in the making. Check out page 188.

Eastern Outdoors TV

Eastern Outdoors was here in January 2007 to film an inshore fishing episode with Capt. Nathaniel. What an exciting time we had...landing about 20 redfish with most being between 5-11lbs. During the two days we captured over 30 minutes of tailing and daisy chaining redfish schools. We also landed a jr. gator trout of about 4.5lbs on the last cast of the taping. Stay tuned for video clips. Visit Eastern Outdoors TV website for more info.

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